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Service Types Available
Super Delivery [30 to 45 minutes to pick up and deliver] 
Rush Delivery [1 to 1 
1/2 hours to pick up and deliver] 
On Demand [2 to 3 hours to pick up and deliver] 
Shuttle [*Call in by 10:00 a.m., delivery by 5:00] 

When you need fast and efficient deliveries, a high quality and professional courier service is hard to beat. With less overhead and a friendly approach to deliveries, using a local trusted service is often the perfect way to go. Just give us a call to see what services would work best for you. 

Our Services
We offer delivery services to help you receive parcels and packages much faster than our competition. On average, most of our deliveries are picked up and delivered within 2-3 hours. Our services provide you the ability to obtain original signatures needed on legal and financial documents, medical and dental products, bank deposits, courthouse recordings and much more.

Our approach to delivery is cost effective because your delivery costs less than traditional mail services. Whether you need us to deliver small packages or large/ bulk items, we are equiped to fulfill most requirements. We will let you know how long it will take, and then we deliver on time every time. We want you to be completely satisfied, so we work hard to meet your expectations.

You will also always get the best customer service. We only hire the best, most professional, staff members. You'll be greeted with a smile and a professional manner every time, and you can always know that your packages are safe and secure. A good courier service is one that you can trust, and with 24 years of experience and an excellent reputation to go along with it, we have proven our reliability over and over.

Advantage Courier

Save time and money
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Office Hours:
Mon-Fri 8:00am - 5:00pm
Hours of Operation:
Mon-Fri 7:30 am-6:00 pm

Business and Personal Services Available
[email protected]

We Accept All Major Credit Cards

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“Advantage Courier is a fantastic resource for our company’s needs and we use them exclusively. They are timely and responsive, whether it be the daily mail run or individual deliveries. They are honest, fun people to work with and everyone in our company feels very fortunate to work with such a great team”

Karen Haman, Bookkeeper, Monticello Homes